In the beginning, the kats roamed the earth like any other feline. Scratching posts, snorting catnip, and watching apes never really evolve to be much more than boring. The world made SEROZENSE to them, but they knew their time would come. But where?

After wandering aimlessly for centuries, the kats finally found serenity in the Metaverse, the only place that makes sense! Their goal?

Create a totally pawsome community unlike anything the digital world has ever seen. Now they seek to share the wonders of the metaverse with the entire world. Completing the shift into the metaverse, it is time to assemble fellow pioneers who “get it”.

If this makes sense to you, then you just might have what it takes to hang with the kool kats. But only if you’re interested in building a powerful, silly, adventurous, and NEW community for generations to come…

Design 100%
Animation 100%
Modeling 100%
Rigging 100%
Textures 100%
Lighting And Rendering 100%
Katatonik Legendaries

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