101 Reasons Why

101 REASONS WHY is a UNIVERSE that follows the wild adventures of students in Mr. Gilbert’s class. Starting this debut book, The Snotty Snail, each student has 101 REASONS WHY something isn’t going quite right for them; why they just can’t seem to overcome their day-to-day obstacles.

For example: 101 REASONS WHY I Lost My Homework AGAIN, 101 REASONS WHY I Can’t Eat My Veggies, 101 REASONS WHY I’m Late Again. 101 REASONS WHY  My Room is Messy, 101 REASONS WHY I Can’t Shower Today, 101 REASONS WHY I Can’t Go to Gym Class, 101 REASONS WHY One Shoe is Missing…Again! Each series addresses fun and funny things that ALL kids do. Each student faces a different hurdle, but it’s not their fault! They have perfectly good — and totally wild — explanations, and they can’t wait to tell you all about it!

I Lost My Homework Again: The Snotty Snail!  Danny doesn’t have his homework…AGAIN. But it’s not his fault! On his way to school, Danny and his brilliant pet frog Yokono encounter a gigantic sneezing, slobbering snail who also happens to be heading to Danny’s school…to destroy it! If Danny and Yokono can survive the sticky, slimy encounters on their dangerous mission to save Shirley Goodreason Elementary School, they just might find a cure for the snail’s boogery head cold, shrink him back down to normal, get to the bottom of who unleashed this terror on their beloved town, and (hopefully) NOT LOSE DANNY’S HOMEWORK.

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101 Reasons Why

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